City Love

Sadie, Darcy, and Rosanna are living together in New York City the summer before their freshman year of college begins. With no parents, no rules, and an entire city to explore, these three girls are on the verge of the best summer of their lives.

Sadie is a native New Yorker. She is hopeful, romantic, and an eternal optimist who is ready to find her soul mate. Then she meets her dream boy: cute, funny, and quirky in all the right ways. The chemistry between them is unreal. Could he be the one?

Darcy is a free spirit from SoCal with rebellious tendencies and unlimited financial resources. Moving to New York City is just another adventure for her. Darcy wants this summer to be all about boy adventures—nothing serious. But how much fun is too much?

Rosanna leaves Chicago for NYC so she can put her past behind her and reinvent herself. The only thing standing in her way is the grand total of seventy-three cents she has saved. Then she meets a guy who wants to show her the glamorous side of New York—a side that she would never get to experience on her own. If Rosanna doesn't resist, she may find herself in city love.

Told from alternating points of view, this first book of the City Love trilogy captures the moments in each girl's life when everything is thrilling, amazing, and terrifying all at once . . . in a way it will never be again.

City Love, by Susane Colasanti


susane colasanti susane colasanti susane colasanti


Readers will feel the strong, vibrant pulse of city life.

Smart girl chick-lit.


In this first installment in a series set in New York City, readers will feel the strong, vibrant pulse of city life as Colasanti (Now and Forever) traces the romantic encounters of three incoming college freshman, who are as enamored with their West Village neighborhood and newfound independence as they are with the boys who steal their hearts. New York native Sadie, thrilled to be away from her “constantly hovering” parents, thinks she’s found her soul mate in Austin, a senior who shares her dream of becoming an urban planner, but his elusiveness is troubling. California transplant Darcy is drawn to a street magician but having been spurned once, she is afraid to let her feelings get too deep. Meanwhile, idealistic Midwesterner Rosanna is inexplicably attracted to a man who works on Wall Street and stands for everything she abhors. The book ends before resolutions are found, so readers will have to wait for the next book to find out whether love conquers all.

Three teenage girls take on the Big Apple when they share an apartment during the summer before freshman year in college. Their various quests for meaning and romance in their lives play out against the backdrop of the city that never sleeps. Native New Yorker Sadie, warmhearted and grounded, asserts that "New York City is my boyfriend." An aspiring urban designer, she wants to create spaces in which "people rejuvenate and connect," and she shares her passion with a boy she meets in her internship. Californian Darcy, wealthy, entitled and promiscuous, has trouble figuring out what she really wants. A previous bad relationship has made her wary of commitment, so when she feels herself attracted to a street performer, she backs away and indulges in more casual hookups. Rosanna has more pressing problems. Her decision to come to New York with a huge social conscience but only pennies in her pocket makes it hard for her to stick to her principles when she is romanced by independently wealthy Donovan (who goes by D). Although the street-smart dialogue grates at times, the alternating voices of the three protagonists are clearly differentiated, and some real issues are highlighted through their different circumstances. Dramatic if sometimes forced plot twists that pop up in the final pages of the novel will presumably be further developed in Book 2. Smart girl chick-lit.

Sadie, Darcy, and Rosanna are roommates in New York City the summer before their college freshman year. Sadie, a native New Yorker, is interning at the Department of City Planning and hopes to pursue a career in urban design. Darcy, from Southern California, has unlimited financial support from her parents, which she uses to pursue her carefree social activities and adventures. Rosanna leaves Chicago with the hopes of starting over in a new city but is plagued with constant worry over her living expenses. Despite their differences, the girls enjoy one another’s company and support one another through their budding romances. They each have secrets that are alluded to but will likely be revealed in the planned sequel. Each chapter is told in the alternating, indistinguishable voices of the three girls. Though slow at times, the plot moves along at an even pace. The strength of this work lies in its reverence for New York City culture and its ability to capture the excitement of embarking on a new adventure. Readers with a love of made-for-TV romances will enjoy this series opener. VERDICT Recommended for those who have exhausted most of Sarah Dessen’s titles.

This book is pure romance.

City Love is the first Susane Colsanti novel I’ve read, but it most certainly won’t be the last (and not just because City Love is the first of a trilogy and ends on a pretty neat cliff-hanger, meaning I am now desperate for the second book). However I was immediately sucked in to the story and her writing. She’s excellent at getting in to the minds of our three main characters: Darcy, Sadie and Rosanna. They’re three girls who are just desperate to enjoy their New York summer, come what may, before college starts in the fall. They’re entirely different personalities, but they all have one thing in common: their love for New York.

While the novel is certainly about other things, the one thing that shines the brightest is the love that not only Sadie, Darcy and Rosanna have for New York, but the obvious love Susane must also have. No one can write about a city the way she does without it being something she really, really cares for herself. The whole novel was like an ode to New York and if there was a soundtrack it would be 11 tracks of Taylor Swift singing Welcome To New York. That’s it. That’s the perfect song to sum up this magnificent ode to a magnificent city I want to fly out to RIGHT NOW to visit. The love just pours off the pages, and it’s as if it’s the first ever book you’ve ever read set in New York. It was simply gorgeous.

What I also loved was how awesome the girls are. They’re so different – Darcy’s a Cali girl, with money, here to have a good time; Sadie’s a born and bred New York dreamer desperate to find her soul mate; and Rosanna wants to make a difference in the world, no matter the financial gain (or lack of). That’s why they all seem to get on so well, so quickly. It was great to see their friendships forming immediately. At first I preferred Darcy over Sadie and Rosanna, but Rosanna was the girl who grew on me the most. Her thoughts on life and human beings mirrored mine (seriously, the things that make her furious make me furious – like neighbours making obscene amounts of noise or someone taking a seat on a train that could have been given to the pregnant lady also boarding etc) and she was probably the most like me of the three. I felt like I knew her personally, and learning of her history just made me want to give her a hug. But I loved Darcy and Sadie, too. I love Darcy’s free spiritedness (if that’s even a word) and I loved that Sadie just wanted to be loved and love someone back, it’s perhaps a naive outlook but it’s also beautiful amongst all the cynics in the world.

I am so excited for the second City Love book. I want to get more in to these girl’s lives. I want to see where their relationships go (because their relationships with the boys in the novel are super sweet and special) and there were a couple of pretty neat cliff-hangers leaving me salivating in anticipation for book two. City Love is one of those books you just know you’re going to love from the word go. And I did. I loved it. The girls were just freaking awesome – it’s as if the book was written by a teen it was that spot-on for teens and early adults. The setting was also amazing, just utterly, absolutely amazing. It was like a love story about New York. I could hardly believe my eyes when I had reached the end and it said that this was book one in the series and to look out for book two. I felt bereft. I wanted MORE!!!!!! I’m so looking forward to the next two books in the series, for sure. Susane Colasanti is a fabulous writer, and I could not rave about City Love any more than I already have. Just read it and you’ll understand.

For years I have been reading books by Susane Colasanti and I love all of her books. It is extremely safe to say City Love is no exception and actually by far my favorite out of all of her books. I fell head over heels in love with Sadie, Darcy and Rosanna from the start and only continued to fall in love with the story as I read each page. I was thrilled to find out that City Love is not a standalone novel and can’t wait for the second book to come out. Every chapter is told in a different girl’s point of view, and they each deal with their own love, drama and issues throughout the book. I liked how each girl experienced something different from the others and that they were all different personality-wise as well. The book ended on somewhat of a cliffhanger for each girl and left me wanting more and wanting to know what was going to happen to Sadie, Darcy and Rosanna.

Sadie, who was also a character in Susane’s book So Much Closer, is back as one of City Love’s main characters. Although she is already a New Yorker and wants to leave home ASAP, she stays in NYC for college and moves into an apartment with two roommates, Darcy and Rosanna. Sadie is such an optimistic and romantic at heart, believing her one true love is just around the next corner. She’s kind and always bubbly and happy especially when she meets a total hottie at her internship who is into all of the same things she is.

Darcy comes from California to New York City for college. She also comes from money and with her dad’s credit card. She is definitely not your typical spoiled rich girl at all. She uses her money often to treat her roommates to dinner and even treats Rosanna to a new wardrobe. She wants the people around her to be as happy she is. This summer is her “free for all” after a nasty breakup back in California, but when she meets a certain guy who she just can’t get out of her head she may break her own rules.

Rosanna leaves one city for another, Chicago for New York. She comes from a large family and is paying her own way through college through financial aid and loans. When she first gets to New York she didn’t realize how expensive everything would be and soon is left with a whopping seventy three cents in her bank account. Rosanna works at a summer camp to pay for her share of rent and makes friends with a girl named Mica. Rosanna is cautious and seemed a bit shy to me. She is against the “Wall Street type,” but when she meets the brother of a co-worker she can’t help but to come back for more.

All three girls are so different and all come from different backgrounds. They each bring so much to the story that I couldn’t imagine City Love without one of them. At the end of the book each of their stories is left with the reading dying to know what is going to happen next and wishing that all three girls will get their happy endings that they all deserve. I cannot wait for the trilogy to be finished and I have a feeling it will be one of my favorites I have read. I strongly recommend City Love if young adult books are your thing, this is one you will not regret.

Both a love letter to New York City, and that incredible time between highschool and college when anything and everything seems possible, City Love is a sexy, flirty look at growing up and the rush of new experiences. Part Taylor Swift song, part Gossip Girl, and a huge dose of Sex and the City assured that I fell in love with not just this novel, but it's characters and the setting.

Having never read a Susane Colasanti book before, I wasn't sure what to expect. As someone who has deeply fallen in love with New York the synopsis caught my eye immediately. Susane's strength as a writer is in the storytelling, and while I found her writing easy to read, it was the story that kept me captivated. The writing isn't splashy, but it's the characters and the story that draw you in.

The friendship element of the story is promising, if not fully developed in this instalment. The romance tends to take centre stage, but the friendship that is beginning, adorable rituals included, had me grinning. It's the type of friendship that makes you long for friends like this group of girls. Ones that will go to an all night diner with you and gossip about boys, life and everything else. Ones that will explore a city that is waiting to be discovered.

City Love is a perfect name for the novel because you will be deeply in city love with New York after reading this book. It made me feel the way Sex and the City did about New York. The city ends up becoming a character in the story, and it's one that shines the brightest. It is a city that is filled with potential and promise. What makes it such a compelling, alluring place is captured in these pages, and you'll want to rush to try more than a few hot spots found within. I felt a nostalgia for the city and fell back in love with it as I followed Sadie, Darcy and Rosanna on their journeys through the city that never sleeps.

The romance is the stuff of daydreams and fantasy. Filled with delightful meet cutes, and the kind of dates that are a staple of any good romantic comedy. This element is the core of the novel, and those who enjoy the genre will find much to love. The romances are infused with drama and it would be right at home on the CW network as a television show.

The ending all but ensures that you'll be itching to get your hands on the sequel as it's filled with juicy drama and enough story development to send things into a tailspin. While there a few clichés and convenient moments within the novel, it's all part of the magical moments that make it worthwhile. Those elements only add to it's charms and it offers up vicarious wish fulfilment more than anything else.

A fun, beach certified read that blends Sex and the City inspiration with a little Gossip Girl vibe. Those looking for something that will pair perfectly with ice cream, summer and fills that desire for drama need look no further than Susane Colasanti's latest.

My Thoughts: Oh I liked this one.

Sadie, Rosanna, and Darcy all have very different backgrounds and personalities but get along well as they start their summer and college careers in the city.

Even though Sadie has just moved away to college, she only moved about 1/2 mile away from where she grew up. A native New Yorker, she loves her city and wants her roommates to love it too. She knows all of the right places to see and eat, and loves that she can be their tour guide as they settle in. An urban planning intern, Sadie falls hard and fast for Austin who is another intern at her firm.

Rosanna is the middle of five children in her family and comes from Chicago. Her parents can't afford to send her to college, so she is using student loans, financial aid, and she'll also be working on top of her course load. Rosanna thinks it better to be poor and happy than rich and miserable/clueless about how the world works. Despite how she feels about money and how people should live, she ends up falling for a very wealthy boy.

Darcy is from Santa Monica and grew up in a wealthy family. The day before she moved to New York, her boyfriend broke up with her, which she wasn't expecting because she thought they were in love. Now she doesn't want anything to do with love or romance; she only wants to have as much fun as possible with as many boys as possible. Even though she is determined not to fall for anyone, there is this one boy that she can't stop thinking about...

City Love by Susane Colasanti is told in alternating points-of-view, which I absolutely loved for this particular story. Each of these three girls starts the summer with different attitudes and frames of mind, and it has an effect on they way they start out. Sadie is super positive and outgoing with a great outlook, and she radiates this big energy. Rosanna is strapped financially and intimidated by her roommates because things come so much harder for her. Darcy is heartbroken when she leaves home and her mood is not good by the time she arrives at her apartment. Even so, the girls get along really well and are able to maintain that throughout the summer - I'm so glad that friend drama is one thing that I didn't have to worry about in this book. I loved that these three were able to maintain positive relationships throughout.

I also loved the alternating POV structure because these girls' approach to their summer romances was very different. Sadie was absolutely smitten with Austin right away, as he was with her. Their relationship seemed perfect and was really fun to read about. Rosanna couldn't help the way she kept falling for Donovan, the boy that lived in a way that was 100% against everything she believes in. Sometimes Rosanna's back-and-forth almost annoyed me, but I loved Donovan's persistence in pursuing her and in showing her romance even though she had never had been on "nice" dates. Darcy's whole wild-child way of living was not really my cup of tea, so I was thrilled when she started falling for Jude even though she didn't want to.

The end is the kicker for this book. Everyone is cruising along, loving the city, falling in love, and then BAM - some big things happen...and then the book ends. I'm not entirely sure if any of this changes EVERYthing, but some things will definitely change for one or more of these three girls.

City Love is a fun read, not as much "fluff" as I thought it was going to be, and more in the way of summer romance for each of these three roommates. I'm eager to see what happens next for all of them, and how they depend on each other to get through these crazy things that have happened. This is not a perfect book - there are a few inconsistencies here and there - but nothing major. I think this is a great book for the summer reading lists. Probably the best thing about this one is the way there is so much New York in this book: practically every page lists a park or a restaurant or an attraction in or near the city. It makes me want to be there so badly.

So, yeah, I expected to like this one when I pulled it off of my shelf, but I didn't realize that I would be so very into it and I'm just excited that it's time for the series to continue soon because I didn't see that ending coming!

City Love will appeal to fans of: Young Adult Contemporary with Romance, Alternating POV's, New York City Setting, Strong Friendships, Cliffhanger

After that ending, I'm eager to continue with Lost In Love!

Alternating points of view can either go very badly or very well; in the case of City Love I would say they went beautifully. It takes a very skilled writer to be able to pull off alternating points of view to the extent that Susane pulled off as we follow Sadie, Darcy and Rosanna throughout the story.

The story itself is beautifully crafted. When you have three main focus characters, it’s really hard to make a story feel fluid. I have seen so many authors fall short of being able to execute stories like this in a great way, but this definitely isn’t one of those times. I am really impressed with how fluid City Love feels. It is a very easy read, and I really never found myself feeling as though I was lost with everything going on, which was great. 

The characters themselves also help to add to the overall appeal of the book. You have a fluid story, but if you didn’t have amazing characters backing up the story you aren’t going to get very far. The story by itself is great, but it’s the amazing personalities of the characters that really help drive this particular story. This is one of those cases where the book needed both a solid story and characters to be a success, and it had both in a spectacular way. 

The connections readers will be able to make with the characters throughout the story is what will be one of the main driving points behind being able to enjoy the book. I can’t see any reader having a problem connecting with these characters, considering how well crafted they are and how they blend together perfectly with the overall story to allow for an amazing reading experience. 

There is just a lot about this book for readers to enjoy. Amazing characters, guided by an amazing story. You just can't go wrong with this book. I would say that pretty much any fan of young adult contemporary will be able to pick up this book and enjoy it, with how well everything blends together and works to create an amazing and memorable story.

I am not incredibly familiar with Susane’s past work, but I know I have heard a lot of praise for her previous titles. The only other that I have reviewed is When It Happens, which much like City Love was beautifully written. When you pick up this book, you will quickly see that you are reading a book by an incredibly skilled writer. I hope you all will give this book a chance. Perfect book for the upcoming summer break. 

This is the first YA romance I’ve read in years. When I was in high school, I used to read them all the time. Then I read The Hunger Games and started getting into dystopian, then sci-fi and fantasy and that’s where my reading interests have stayed for the past few years. But I will be receiving an ARC of the sequel to City Love, so I of course had to read this one. And I’m very glad I did.

Sadie, Darcy, and Rosanna are three roommates about to start college and what I really liked about them is that each of them has a distinct personality and a different outlook on love. Sadie believes in soul mates and is searching to find her true love. Darcy’s heart has been broken and so she wants to avoid commitment and hook up with guys instead. Rosanna doesn’t seem to have a very strong opinion on love. She’s more along the lines of “if it happens, it happens” but at the same time, she does have a traumatic history that makes it difficult for her to open to guys. I very much enjoyed seeing how their stories unfolded with these distinct personalities/views influencing how they approach dating and love.

I thought the stories were pretty unique and didn’t really pick up on any overdone cliches, but this is also the first romance I’ve read in years, so I’m probably not the best person to trust on that.

I liked all three of the girls, but I think Rosanna was the most relatable for me. There was definitely a lot that I couldn’t relate to (for example, her traumatic history), but there was so much that I could. Her family is poor and when she moves to college, she has no choice but to pay for things herself and make her own way. While I definitely haven’t faced the same level of poverty that she has, struggling with money is something that I feel like almost everyone can relate to at least somewhat. She also struggles a bit with missing her family, which is absolutely something that I could relate to.

I, of course, enjoyed seeing each of them navigate their love lives, but I also really liked the scenes between the three of them where you get to see them getting to know each other and becoming friends. I know it’s a romance story, but I do wish we had seen even just a tiny bit more of that. I think friendship is something that tends to be sooo under-appreciated in books.

Like I mentioned, I liked seeing their love stories too. Each of their stories are unique. Sadie meets someone who she clicks with right away, Darcy tries to push her feelings aside and just stay friends, and Rosanna tries to figure out whether this guy she’s met is the right kind of person for her to be with. What I really enjoyed about these was trying to figure out if the girls’ doubts about the guys were legitimate or not and whether the guys could be trusted. I found myself going back and forth about whether or not Austin (Sadie’s boyfriend) and D (or Donovan, the guy Rosanna is dating) could be trusted. It added a little extra to the story.

I think I kind of expected the love stories of each girl to be similar, but Colasanti did a great job of incorporating three different POVs and having each story remain quite different. There were a lot of moments where I found myself smiling at the various cute scenes between the girls and their dates. Sadie and Darcy’s stories leave off with some pretty big cliffhangers that have me desperate for Lost in Love, the sequel, to come out (it’s being released this May). If you’re a fan of YA contemporary and romance, definitely give this a shot. It’s a pretty quick read that I think people will enjoy.  And since you’ve got a couple of months until the sequel comes out, now is a great time to pick it up!

Never having lived in the city, but having visited a few times, Susane’s books always have a way of making me feel as if I am visiting with an old friend. I love her love for NYC and how she describes it in her books. It’s truly a magical city and you can certainly tell that just by reading one of her books. Of course, having read all of Susane Colasanti’s books, I was thrilled to learn that she was writing a series. My only hesitancy was…would the series still hold that Susane flare I’ve grown to love so much?

The answer is yes. At least in my opinion. From the moment I started reading City Love, I felt at home and was reminded so much of why I love her writing style. She has a tendency to take me back a few years, when I was on the cusp of adulthood and all of the self discovery that comes along with it. And the love aspect. Oh how I love a good contemporary with a good love story thrown in the mix.

I love the alternate POVs throughout the book and being able to experience NYC through the eyes of three girls with three different backgrounds and stories. Sadie is the New Yorker with big dreams and a firm belief in finding her soul mate. Darcy is from California and has no limitations. Rosanna is from Chicago and has a tight budget. These three girls make for a dynamic trio living together the summer before their freshman year of college. I love what each of them brings to the story and I cannot wait to see what the other two books in this series hold.

Even though this book took place in a short period of time, a lot can happen over the course of a few weeks. It’s amazing to see how each girl progresses through the story and what happens in each of their lives. (Don’t worry…I won’t spoil anything for you!). One thing I will say is, I would have liked to have seen a little more girl time between the three, but this wasn’t a game changer for me. Just a general observation as I read. City Love is classic Susane Colasanti with a little bit more flare. If you’re looking for a book to add to your summer reading pile, this is one I’d recommend.

No. Is the book over? The ending had me craving for more right away. I wanted to see what happens with Sadie, Rosanna and Darcy next, I loved reading their stories. Had me wishing that the second book was out already. How am I supposed wait after an ending like that? I knew there was a reason I love Susane Colasanti besides fact that she is a complete sweetheart. She has a way to have readers fall in love with her characters, the story from the moment they pick up the book. There hasn’t been a single book of hers I didn’t love. City Love wasn’t any different; it actually had me fall in love with her writing more, and the type of stories that you can actually see yourself being able to relate to. Plus the cover is beautiful; along with the title, it fits the story perfectly. How can you not love it? I know if it wasn’t for work I wouldn’t put it down. 

Sadie, Darcy, Rosanna: If I were to ask which was my favorite, I don’t think that I would be able to pick, I loved all of them. At the start I wasn’t sure if I liked Darcy, but as the book progressed I could understand why she was like that, so angry and not wanting an actual relationship. She was heartbroken and hurt. Of course I was eager to see what happens to her, especially how it ended for her in this book. Would she end up with Jude or not? I believe that most of the girls had their choices to make, expect Sadie I guess. I believe that it ended the worst for her; she was head over heels for him, Darcy was right about him. He was going hurt her. Poor Sadie. I loved that Rosanna finally accepted her feelings for D. Let him in a bit somehow. The question is: What challenges will they face next, and what adventures? I can’t wait to find out. 

Of course I love the fact that it takes places in New York. Once I read the book, I felt like I knew even more about the city than I did before. The descriptions were amazing. I could see everything in my mind as I read about it. The novel had me wishing that I was in New York myself. There wasn’t a thing that you dislike about this book. I loved the characters, their stories and how well they connect together. It has a way of having the reader connect with characters; they become real.

Another beautifully written, touching novel by Susane Colasanti. A novel that you will fall in love with, and will have you craving for more.

As I’ve said before with my review of Susane Colasanti’s book Now and Forever, if I had the shelf space for all of her books I would own them all. And the beauty that is City Love would also be on that shelf. City Love follows the tale of three girls – Sadie, Darcy, and Rosanna – who are about to start college in the fall but decide to make a jump start on things and do a summer session instead. They’re roomed together in the same apartment, and despite a difficult start, they seem to become fast friends.

Sadie has lived in New York her whole life, but the experience of being on her own as an adult is something that she is really looking forward to. She knows what she wants to do with her life and she’s hoping the internship that she has this summer will really help with her overall goal. On her first day things are looking good when she’s introduced to a senior in the program, Austin, who totally takes her breath away. They start hanging out together and things really click between them. It’s like they’ve known each other their whole lives. But sometimes if its too good to be true it usually is…

Darcy took a year off after she graduated high school to backpack through Europe. Her longtime boyfriend dumped her and she’s determined to have a fun summer. Hanging out at the clubs with her friends and the boys she hooks up with are only just that. There will be no boyfriends for her. That is until she runs into Jude, a street performer, that makes her feel things that she hasn’t felt since the ex dumped her. Now she’s starting to wonder if her no boyfriend rule this summer should actually stand.

Rosanna is excited and nervous about being in New York. Excited because she’s always loved this city and always wanted to go and now she’s finally here. She’s nervous because her parents aren’t supporting her financially because they have too many responsibilities at home. So Rosanna is on her own, and the summer job she has is barely enough to cover rent, books, and food. She only has 73 cents left in her savings, but that’s okay. She won’t let it get to her. Especially because she’s met someone named D who is everything she doesn’t stand for. He’s a kid from Wall Street who uses money to solve his problems. But sometimes there’s just no denying attraction.

Honestly, I loved this book, which was odd because I generally don’t like books where there are different narrators. But this one was the exception because they didn’t jump until the end of the chapter and there was a nice little subheading under each chapter letting you know which narrator you were dealing with just in case you forgot. I loved Sadie’s optimism and how unsure of herself she was when it came to hanging out with Austin. Her tragedy that gives her a slight negative edge wasn’t as tragic as I was theorizing, but I’m glad about that all the same. I’m hoping that she gets her happily ever after despite what happened at the end, but I’m with her on this one. I’m not exactly sure how relationships come back from that. Darcy’s go get ’em attitude was downright hilarious at some parts and I can’t wait to see what happens between her Jude and the ex. Also what is she going to do when she finds out about Sadie’s misfortune? Curious. Rosanna’s story seemed to be the only one that really ended on a happy note, even though she’s still trying to figure out who this Addison character is. But I’m confident all will be revealed in book two.

First of all I want to say that this book was absolutely breathtaking and captivating. I don't think a book has affected me so much in my life before. It made me feel as if I was in every scene of the books, as if I was part of those girls and experienced everything they did. And as someone considering the future, it definitely made me think about emigrating to New York. So thank you Ms. Colasanti for a beautiful and magnificent book!

City Love is split between the lives of three very different girls from different lives who share an apartment before starting college in the city. The reader is introduced to Sadie, Darcy and Rosanna in very different ways but you get to know each girl in how that happens.

Sadie is the first person we meet. She's that friend we all have, ready to be completely in love and totally optimistic about everything. I genuinely liked Sadie because of these characteristics. Of course I felt a bit off about how damned happy she could be but she's literally like a puppy. Adorable and one of the best and loyal friends you could have.

Then there's Darcy. Darcy is the opposite of Sadie with her fast attitude and at first, laziness. We discover this is jetlag because she's from Cali. But she's not who we think she is. She's been burned and so this explains everything about her. Yet there's so much more to the complex puzzle that makes her who she is.

Rosanna is the last girl to introduce and probably my favourite. She's the poorest student out of the three, and the one who is very realistic. She so desperately wants to help everyone and anyone but needs to help herself. She has so much weight on her shoulders, so many problems to tackle and solve that when she meets someone who can actually treat her right, she's very uncertain of what to do.

It's a fantastic book that explores the magical city of New York and its allure. We all fall more in love with the city through each character and their experiences. We all want to move there and experience almost the same things as the girls do, but this is the exciting part about New York. The reason there are so many books and films set in and around the city. We all just want to fall in love and this is the city to do it in.

When I heard about this book I was very excited. I wanted to read it so badly because I’m obsessed with contemporary love stories and the fact that these love stories develop in New York (the city I love of course) made me want to read it even more. There are a lot of things I like about this book. The first one is the way Susane described the city. I haven’t gone to New York yet, but she described it in a way that was so easy for me to imagine it and with that she makes you think you are part of the story. Now the story introduces us to three girls that are roommates: Rosanna, Darcy and Sadie. These three characters are super amazing. They have their own kind of personality, they are very different from each other and have their own adventures.

Darcy is from Chicago. She's the wild one, the one who is always flirting and dating guys. She does this because she broke up with her boyfriend and since she was going to NY she promised to not fall in love, but suddenly she meets a boy and she can’t get it out of her mind. She tries to forget him, but somehow she keeps thinking about him. By the end of the book, things start to change for her…

Sadie is from NY. The apartment where the three of them are staying is very close to her parents' house. I liked her character because she represents all the helpless romantics out there, she believes that she will find her true love; she is always looking for him on every corner, in every passing car, and when she found him everything changed. They started to date pretty quickly. I was very surprised because well I thought it was super fast and I thought she was very lucky, but sometimes reality strikes and not everyone can have their happily ever after…or could they?

And last but not least Rosanna, she is the good girl of the three of them. I mean, the three of them are good girls, but she is the one who always wants to do the right thing. Her family has financial problems and she always tries to not spend too much money. THEN she meets this handsome rich guy at a party; everything changes in a way. He starts to care about her, to fall in love and she starts to wonder if that could actually happen to her. Her story was so heartbreaking and I hope she can move on from what happened to her and start to live her life.

The three of them have a past none of them want the others to know about, and I think Susane did an amazing job with that. It makes us wonder what could have happened, because while reading the story you can get some memories of their past.

It’s so amazing! I cried and laughed and I LOVE IT. I hope you all love it too. I'm not disappointed at all and I can’t wait to read the next book.

I love Susane Colasanti's books and this one is no different. I'm excited to be reading this new trilogy from her and spending three whole books with these characters, though it does mean some cliffhangers happen in the end which leaves me eagerly anticipating Book 2. The perspective changes each chapter and rotates between the three girls; most of the time, they do seem to be apart and doing their own thing, but sometimes Colasanti shows more than one interpretation of an interaction between the three of them, which is interesting to read.

This is such a fun, breezy novel to fly through, though there are some serious and adult themes going on, being that they are all going into college and on their own for the summer. Starting to navigate an adult life is difficult and things pop up that you've never had to deal with before on your own. Colasanti does a great job bringing these situations in to her three characters and seeing what happens. I'm quite excited to see what happens next in Book 2.

Overall, a great start to a new contemporary trilogy (you don't see much of those) and I highly recommend it.

Sadie has lived in New York City her entire life but when she moves into summer housing before her first semester of college, it feels like she’s discovering a whole new city. She is so ready to meet her soulmate and fall in love. When she finally meets the perfect boy at her summer internship it’s almost too good to be true.

Darcy decides to use her move from California to New York to embrace Summer Fun Darcy while she gets a head start on her classes. With rich parents backing her adventures, Darcy is sure that her summer is going to be unforgettable. The only problem is Summer Fun Darcy might not be prepared when the chance for something real with a new boy comes her way.

Rosanna knows moving from Chicago to New York is going to be hard–especially since her family can’t give her any monetary support. But moving to New York has always been Rosanna’s dream so she is determined to make it work even if that means a less-than-glamorous summer job. No one is more surprised than Rosanna when a handsome, rich guy breezes into her life ready to sweep her off her feet.

Colasanti delivers another fresh, fun romance in City Love. The novel alternates chapters with first person narrations from Sadie, Darcy, and Rosanna. At the start of the novel all three girls are at a crossroad waiting for things to happen and their real college lives to begin.

Each girl also has a secret–something they are running away from, coming to terms with, or hiding from–that they withhold from each other and the reader. This trope, which sometimes can only lead to frustration, is handled well in City Love where readers are ultimately rewarded with answers by the end of the novel.

City Love presents a shiny, elegant version of New York filled with fancy restaurants and expensive stores that locals might not often seen. The novel itself is imbued with Colasanti’s abiding love for New York and evocative scenes of popular destinations like the High Line and Union Square.

Set during the course of one tumultuous week for the girls, City Love is an exciting story of romance, new beginnings, and taking chances. This book reads as a contained story with a satisfying conclusion for most plot threads although hints of what’s in store for Sadie, Rosanna and Darcy will leave fans eager for the next installment.

City Love is a great choice for readers looking for a stylized version of college life with all of the freedom finally being an adult affords. An ideal choice for contemporary romance fans as well. Recommended.

Sadie has grown up in New York her whole life, and loves it! She has always believed in soul mates, and can’t wait to find hers. Starting a new internship in the career she wants puts her on the right path for everything, but what if her soul mate works there as well, and is only two floors up?

Darcy is moving away for a fresh start and a summer full of boys adventures, while taking classes at the University of New York and bonding with her roommates. What can go wrong with a summer full of love?

Rosanna is working her way through college and working at a summer day camp all summer, and making it by the skin of her teeth. She goes to a camp party for counselors where she meets Donovan, the charming young man who instantly falls for her.

Review: My favorite P.O.V. is Rosanna. I flew right through this book!! I loved the setting the most, I’m always reading billionaire romance stories on Wattpad and now I’ve found something like them in book form! What's not to love about a well written city romance where an always positive sweet girl, a spunky rebellious girl, and an insecure make-the-world-a-better-place kind of girl get together, sharing an apartment with drama, relationships, and secrets! If you like Sarah Dessen and Stephine Perkins, you’ll love this book as well!! The ending leaves you dying for the sequel!! Rating: 5/5 Stars


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