Forever in Love

In this final book of the City Love trilogy, Sadie, Darcy, and Rosanna are facing a bittersweet ending to a summer filled with amazing adventures, personal challenges, and finding love when they least expected it.
Sadie’s brother is back in New York City, forcing Sadie to confront the shared trauma from their past. And Sadie’s relationship with the boy she thought was her soul mate is getting even more complicated. Can Sadie find the strength to accept herself and forgive the boy who broke her heart?
Behind Darcy’s polished exterior is a girl unraveling. When her world suddenly comes crashing down, she faces the most difficult changes of her life. Will Darcy slip back into her wild child ways, or can she figure out how to make it on her own…and let herself accept the love she deserves?  
Rosanna’s boyfriend might still be in love with his ex. At the day camp where Rosanna is a counselor, she can recognize the abuse of her past reflected in a girl who needs her help. Will Rosanna overcome her fears to finally become the confident girl she envisions?
Told from alternating perspectives, bestselling author Susane Colasanti’s Forever in Love celebrates three girls who have learned to love themselves, have developed a bond of sisterhood that will never be broken, and will be forever in love with the endless possibilities their futures hold.
Forever in Love, by Susane Colasanti


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The Forever in Love playlist is all about embracing change, letting your true self shine, and being forever in love with the infinite possibilities your future holds. Listen on Spotify.

1. "Ziggy Stardust" - David Bowie

2. "One Dance" - Drake

3. "Lost Stars" - Adam Levine

4. "Empire State of Mind" - Alicia Keys

5. "Shape of You" - Ed Sheeran

6. "Into the Night" - Cardiknox

7. "Here Without You" - 3 Doors Down 

8. "Starboy" - The Weeknd

9. "DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love" - Usher

10. "Emoji of a Wave" - John Mayer

anything is possible

May you be forever in love with the infinite possibilities your future holds.

susane colasanti

cover photo shoot

LOVE this outtake from the City Love trilogy photo shoot by cover photographer Gustavo Marx. More behind-the-scenes photos here!

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You can read the first four chapter of Forever in Love here. Major spoiler alert if you haven't read the first two books yet!

the city love trilogy

Here's to self-discovery, sisterhood, and summer love.

susane colasanti